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Verifying Student Absences

Cranberry Station Elementary School REQUIRES verification of every student absence. We will accept one of the following from the parent or legal guardian:

· A PHONE CALL to 410-386-4440 between 9:00 am - 11:30 am on the day of the absence (no follow up note required)

· An EMAIL to on the day of the absence (no follow up note required)

· FAX a note to (410) 386-4444 on the day of the absence (no follow up note required)

· A WRITTEN NOTE signed by the parent or legal guardian upon the return of the student

The following information should be included in your message/note:

- Student name

- Date(s) of absence

- Reason for Absence

- Parent/Guardian Printed Name

- Parent/Guardian Signature

- Daytime Contact Phone Number

Student absences must be verified within five school days of the student’s return or the absence will be categorized as unlawful. A copy of the verification document will be kept in the student’s file. Thank you for your help in verifying your child's absences in a timely manner. 

Children who come to school every day on time are more successful in school. They practice good habits that they will use through high school and beyond. Bringing children to school late or letting them stay home from school when they are able to attend causes them to get behind in their learning. Being tardy (arriving late or departing early) will not promote good work habits and negatively impact learning.

Select this message link for more information about the value of attendance.

School law requires all children to be in school each day. The school year consists of 180 regularly scheduled school days. The school day is from 9:15 am - 3:45 pm. 

Students have the opportunity to earn attendance awards each marking period as well as for the entire school year.

Students that are present, and not tardy, every day during a marking period, will receive a perfect attendance award for that marking period. Students that are present, and not tardy, every day during a school year, will receive a perfect attendance award for that school year. 

Students that are absent/tardy three days or fewer during a marking period will receive an excellent attendance award for that marking period. Students that re absent/tardy two days or fewer during the school year, will receive an excellent attendance award for the school year.

The Maryland State Department of Education

Attendance Policy

  • A student is counted present for ½ day if in attendance for at least two hours of the school day but less than four hours.
  • A students counted as present but tardy if the student is in attendance four hours of the school day.



Children may enter the building at 8:45 AM at which time adult supervision is available. If needed, childcare is available in the school cafeteria before and after school provided by the Y of Central Maryland. Contact (410) 848-3660 for more information and fee information.

Before & After School Care

Childcare Phone Numbers

Health Room Info

Health Room Forms

Medication Consent Form
Immunization Form
Health History and Physical Form
Blood Lead Level Form
Dental Form
Discretionary Medication Form

School Nurse Notes from Ms. Hosey:

Hello! My name is Dani Hosey, and I am the school nurse at Cranberry Station. I wanted to address some health issues and CCPS policies that may impact your child during his/her school year, and hopefully answer some of your questions about whether to send your child to school during or after an illness.

Acute Illnesses:

The Carroll County Public School System has very set standards regarding when I must send a child home from school for illness. If your child exhibits vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever 100 degrees or higher, I must send him/her home. In addition, he/she cannot return to school the next day. The student must have a temperature below 100 degrees for 24 hours before returning to school without the use of medication. This is very important.

For instance, if your son or daughter has a temperature of 99 because you have given Tylenol to bring the temperature down, you must start counting the 24 hours after the Tylenol has worn off, 4-6 hours later. Obviously this policy will result in more children missing multiple days from school if they are sent home with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, however, we believe it will help to prevent the spread of disease. We are strongly enforcing this standard at CSE. In fact, if your child arrives to school the next day after being sent home the day before with a fever, we will notify you to pick up your child immediately.

Students who were sent home from school due to vomiting or diarrhea must also stay home for 24 hours AFTER the vomiting or diarrhea has ceased. This allows the virus to completely leave the system, and helps to prevent contamination to other students. Many students may have episodes of vomiting, and then “feel better”. However, gastrointestinal illnesses often recur in cycles, and it is better to wait the full 24 hours before returning to usual activities.


Unfortunately, lice are a fact of life among school aged children. If you discover lice on your child, please notify me as soon as possible, and I will check other students who are in close proximity to your child in school, to make sure that they do not have lice your child’s classroom for the presence of other cases of lice. Keep your child home and treat with a medicated shampoo to kill the lice, and comb all of the nits out of his/her hair. CCPS no longer has a “nit-free policy” regarding lice, however the removal of all nits will help to prevent re-infestation. The morning that your child returns to school, an adult must accompany the child to the health room, and show the nurse an empty lice treatment shampoo bottle, as proof that the student was treated for lice. If no proof is offered, the student may not return to school.

Health and Care Items:

Students are allowed to bring items to school that may help them to feel better if they are only slightly ill. Non-medicated cough drops are allowed, as well as lip balm, and individual bottles of hand sanitizer. The students are NOT allowed to distribute any of the above to their friends or other students, however, and they must be kept in their desks or lockers. Please send in lip balm if your child gets severely chapped lips in the winter, so that he/she does not miss class time coming to see the nurse for chapped lips. Also, please label all items sent to school with your child’s name. A note to the teacher about cough drops would be very helpful as well, so that the teacher is aware.

Absence/Sick Notes:

Please send in a note to the teacher regarding every absence. If you can provide a specific reason for the absence, that is very helpful. In other words, instead of just writing: “Bobby was feeling sick”, give us a little more information, such as: “Bobby had a bad sore throat and saw the doctor – he has strep, and is now on an antibiotic.” Then if Bobby comes to see me that day, I already have the information that I need to know to treat him here in school. Doctor’s notes are preferred for extended illnesses.

Medications at School:

If at all possible, it is best for the student not to have to interrupt their school day to go to the nurse for a dosage of medication. If the doctor is starting a new medication for your child, ask if it is possible to time it outside of the school day. (For example: If a medicine is due three times a day: Give one dose in the morning before school, one directly after school, and one at night.) If that is not possible, a medication consent form , must be filled out, signed by both parent and doctor, and the medication must be brought to school by the parent in a box/bottle with the Rx label on it, listing dosage, child’s name, etc.

In addition - and this is very important - if your child is on a routine medication for ADHD, and the medication is changed….please do NOT start the new medication on a school day. Some medications have serious side effects, and it is best for the child to start a new med on the weekend, so that you as a parent are able to observe closely for any adverse effects caused by the medication. If you cannot wait for the weekend, please keep the child home and just call me to let me know that you are starting a new medication and that you are observing your child at home that day. We will work with you to get make-up work, etc.

If you are sending non-prescription medications for occasional use, such as Benadryl or Tylenol, please try to send in chewable tablets, as opposed to liquids. These medications are often sent on field trips, and the chewable tablets make it much easier for transport.

As always, the only medications that can be given without a physician’s order/signature are: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil), in children’s dosages. All other medications, including homeopathic products, must have a doctor’s signature for administration.

If your child has a serious illness, such as asthma, or a food allergy that may result in an anaphylactic reaction, please supply me with the needed medication here at school to treat your child in an emergency. If you have any questions or want to talk to me about any health issues that needs to be addressed, please call me at Cranberry Station Elementary. I am available Monday through Friday, from 8:40 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Dani Hosey RN
School Nurse

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